Las Vegas Local SEO

Las Vegas Local SEO

Your customers are online looking for you.  Are you making it easy for them to find you?

It’s no secret that the Yellow Pages filed for bankruptcy in 2009, and ever since then their numbers have been rapidly declining.  In fact, they had to change their name from the Yellow Pages Association to the Local Marketing Association.    Why?  Because, they know that if they want to continue to get business, they have to adapt to where the market is going.      So, where is the market going?   Online, of course!    The numbers don’t lie.    Did you know the following?

• More than 100 Million people a month use Google maps from mobile phones to find directions and information

• 97% of consumers search for local businesses online

• 44% of mobile users made an actual purchase after performing a local search on their mobile device

Google Maps is the New Yellow Pages

It’s pretty obvious, that Google Maps is the new Yellow Pages.   If you want more business from your local community, you have to build a local online presence.   And, the first step to building your online business starts with claiming and optimizing your Google Maps profile.    Have you ever looked for a particular local business on Google and instead of them returning a website, they returned a listing with a red pin beside it that was way above all the websites?   That’s a Google Maps profile.   However, there is more to creating a Google Map than just putting in your business information.

If you optimize your Google Maps correctly, you will be able to reap many benefits that include but are not limited to:

• More In- store traffic

• Increased Sales

• Increased exposure about your location and business

Local SEO is slightly different from traditional SEO.   The key to Local SEO success is letting the search engines know that you are an established local business.  How do you do this?    It’s all about getting a wide variety of listings about your business on multiple websites.     You also want baclinks back to your website from your local community.   But, not just any backlinks, you want backlinks from other people in your community that have done business with you or respect you as a solid business owner.    Backlinks from your local chamber of commerce will hold more weight than a random backlink from someone you don’t know.  Obtaining backlinks may seem easy, however, you must keep in mind that consistency is very important.   Wherever you list your business, you have to make sure your keywords, address, phone number, and other important facts about your business match across the board.  If there is one slight change in any of your citations, you can possibly hinder your chances of getting a high ranking.   That’s why it’s very important that you choose to work with an experienced expert who can help.

The key to a successful local online marketing strategy is keeping your rankings!

Another major factor with local SEO is keeping your ranking!   It’s no secret that SEO is constantly changing, and what worked months ago, may not work today.   That’s why it’s very important to have a Las Vegas Local SEO firm in your corner who knows how to adapt quickly to the ever changing SEO world.

Discover the 5 steps to making your local online marketing plan a success

While   Las Vegas Local SEO appears to be easy, there is much more to a Local SEO strategy than getting listed on Google Maps.    If you really want to succeed and increase sales, it’s important that you understand the following; when it comes to   Las Vegas Local SEO, there are 5 mandatory steps that you must take in order to see real results.     The 5 steps include:

• Keyword Research

• Claiming Your Google Maps Profile

• Optimizing your profile with relevant keywords

• Citations (Getting local links bank to your website from other sources)

• Reviews and Zagat Ratings

Get the help of an experienced Las Vegas Local SEO expert today!

Whether you are a local business, or a home based business, deploying a Las Vegas Local SEO strategy is crucial to your success.   Consumers are on their mobile devices (iPods, Cell Phones, Kindles, etc) looking for your business.  If you don’t capitalize on this growing trend, you can rest assured that your competition is. You need to be part of this future because the world is changing how they do business with you.  Your customers are online, and that’s where you should be too.

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